The Powerful Yam

Carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs. What a friggin pain in the ass. AmIRight or AmIRight? Can I eat this? Can I […]

Two Way Mahi Mahi

Two Way Mahi-Mahi

Looking through the fridge, what do I find for a source of protein? Mahi-mahi. Was I really in the mood […]

Shrimp Marinade

My Situation

I’m sitting here looking at the clock ticking past 2:19am on the east coast on a Sunday (now Monday). My […]

Smoothie Prep

Easy Delicious Smoothie Prep

Ok all you “smoothers”. That’s what I’m going to start calling us. “SMOOTHERS” because we love smoothies so much. So […]

Basic Guide

Basic Beginners Guide!

To purchase, scroll down and click the¬†“Purchase”¬†button and use your PayPal account! Its so easy to use and sign up, […]

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Organize Your Fridge

One of the top new years resolution is to get organized. Was it one of yours? I can confidently say […]