Tuesday, May 22, 2018

2 Days Until Hurricane Irma


Here we are! Wednesday. Our day started a little off  by taking kids to school late, oops. (I’ll blame Diana for that. Anything to take it off myself) On her way back she thought she’d stop by Costco until her friend sent her this. Check this out.


Hurricane Irma Costco


Yeah, glad we got most of what we needed from there yesterday. I’m sure I could’ve grabbed a couple more things but, there was no way I was standing on that line. 


Meal Prep Mondays Hurricane Irma


See? I ate the sweet potato from yesterday and got more prepped. Diana took the top off one of our favorite flashlights and the batteries eroded. Need to grab a new one tomorrow. 


Hurricane Irma Countdown 2

Hurricane Irma Countdown 10


Decided to trim up the front yard and needed gasoline for the lawnmower. Haha, what a joke. 


Hurricane Irma Countdown


There was no escaping it. I checked other stations and they were completely out of gas. I managed to wait in line for some near the 7-11 by home. Waiting on that line is when you start to think more and more about that stupid storm. CNN just stated the island of Barbuda “is literally rubble” by Prime Minister Gaston Browne from Antigua. 





Hurricane Irma Countdown 2


Everybody out here buying up bread, and juice, etc. I’m out here just trying to get a brother some Yucca.



Kids are feeling the tension regarding Irma. No TV for now. They just play in the living room until they’re ready to sleep. Tomorrow is the last day of the countdown, Friday. Kids do have school. Nothing has been cancelled yet. I’ll make sure to take more pictures tomorrow. Lets see how well we can shoot some “before and after” shots. 


Check back tomorrow for more updates! 

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