Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hurricane Irma Now a Category 5


This morning I took care of the boys while mom dropped off the girls. Thought I’d wake them up to Shakira. They liked it. In the other room you hear David Muir from ABC News mention Hurricane Irma has pummeled the caribbean. Ugh. 



As Diana crosses off the days I see us nearing the weekend. No beach. No BBQ. No outdoor activities. As long as were safe, that’s all that matters.



Once again my super woman Diana snuck into Dollar Tree and got a couple extra things including LED candles, extra batteries, and soap. Every little bit counts and if we don’t need  it, maybe our neighbors will. 



Mateo is catching on haha! We were able to get several things done today regarding work. There is no way I can leave it for the weekend with the possibility of no electricity. Next time I’ll have Mateo help me. I’ll share his shots with you all. This I have to see. LOL



My home was built in 1989. The only major weather related damage ever caused was the roof in 2005 when Hurricane Charlie rolled through. They replaced it the same year and it still looks in great shape. I’m confident it will hold. I also did some trimming around the yard to avoid as much flying projectiles as possible. 



Literally the calm before the storm. Thought I’d take a shot of my block before Irma stops by. Ok, tomorrow is the last day. I’m going to make sure everything in the house locked and loaded. Here we go. 




I have more photos I took of my block and the houses around. After the hurricane I will take the same photos and do a side by side comparison. Wish me luck! 🙂

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