Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hey guys! Thought it would be cool to document the next three days for the coming of Hurricane Irma here in Florida. Here is the probable path of the storm. 


Most of you know that we in the Orlando vicinity. As a matter of fact we live about 5 minutes from the University of Central Florida, 45 mins from Disney, about 35 mins from Universal Studios, and at least 3.5 hours to Miami. Not bad! Since moving here in the end of 2005 (we dodged all the major hurricanes that hit and moved right after so technically, we’ve never experienced a full head on hurricane. gulp.) Either way we are getting ready by buying supplies, water, etc. My wife Diana today drove to Costco and purchased more bottled water. We also just signed up with a spring water delivery service and they brought us 4 big jugs. That should cover us for now. 




The electricity goes out quickly when there is a hurricane so I made sure to get my propane tanks ready just in case. We use these when we camp and they work like a charm. Cooking with gas is awesome. You control the heat! Hope to have my home converted one day. 



Sophia needed a place to focus and do her homework so I let her sit next to me while I worked from the PC. Looking at her made me realize the moment finally arrived. I need to sit with the kids and prep them for what might be coming. A possible major category 5 hurricane with [at the moment] (see pic above) 185 mile an hour winds blowing in the Atlantic. That is insane. I’m not sure what’s to come but I’ll be as ready as I can be. 


We still  have kids toys outside that needs to be brought in. The furniture will also make its way to the garage. Leaving the patio furniture would turn my screened-in porch into Swiss cheese. Lot’s of holes. 


3 Days to Hurricane Irma



Hurricane Irma Water


Before I go to bed tonight I will prep more sweet potato. Its super affordable, super healthy, and easy to make. We have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner often. Sweet potato FTW, always. 


Meal Prep Mondays Hurricane Irma


Lucas wondering what everyone is talking about. He wants to know who is this “Irma” he keeps hearing about and does she have any food. 



Sophia riding around on her brothers cruiser before getting ready to go to bed. Hope to keep their spirits up until then since the buzz is catching on especially in schools. Most of the stores around us have water and bread completely wiped out the isle. Tomorrow I’ll see if they re-stocked or not and take photos either way. 



Week already started cloudy and muggy. Humidity today was super high. 



Quick fact: most homes in Florida are constructed of cinderblock. Two story homes are built half block on the bottom, and wood frame on the second half. My home? 90% wood frame construction with about 10% brick in the front and side of my garage. Haha! Yeah, I’m originally from up north (NY) so the brick won my heart when looking for a home but I didn’t really consider HURRICANES at that moment. Silly me. Anyways, the home has been here since 1989 and its still standing so, I feel confident. Tomorrow I will post a full update on our  home, preparation, and stuff like that. Check back! 🙂







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Kat September 6, 2017 at 6:27 AM

In it w you – from Lake Mary! “Go west, Irma, and don’t leave a mess.”

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