Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Easy Delicious Smoothie Prep

Easy Peasy

What you’ll need

  • 7 or more, 8 oz Ball brand freezer jars. (or anything similar that is freezer friendly)
  • colander to rinse fruit
  • paper towel to pat fruit dry after washingknife and cutting board (use cutting board that is not used to cut meat)

Easy Delicious Smoothie Prep


2 ripe mangos

1 – 6 oz package of raspberries

1 – 8 oz package of blueberries

1 – 16 oz package strawberries

Easy Delicious Smoothie PrepRinse & Pack

Rinse all your berries in the colander with cold water. Pat dry with paper towel. Cut your mangoes into small cubes and your strawberries into slices. Place about 2 strawberries per jar, about 10 blueberries, 2-3 raspberries and finish off with mangoes (enough where you can still close the lid).

These smoothie prepped jars can last you up to a month or more. Remember, the longer they stay in the fridge, the more “fridge taste” it will have.

Easy Delicious Smoothie Prep

Easy Delicious Smoothie Prep

When to use

Normally we make our smoothies in the mornings but I’ve noticed we have them around 3pm too, I guess for that afternoon “pick me up”. I make mine with coconut water only. That’s it. Nothing else. My family makes theirs with costco brand greek yogurt which is also really good and creamy. Some folks add agave. Really, it’s up to you. Pop it in the blender and make it work to your liking. Enjoy!

Easy Delicious Smoothie Prep

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Easy Delicious Smoothie Prep




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