Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hurricane Irma has changed its course a little and still going at a snails pace. Computer models now show it effecting Central Florida around Sunday 8AM. Well, I wish I knew that last night when Diana and I stayed up cleaning the last bit of the garage at 2 in the morning to make room for other things. 


Hurricane Irma Meal Prep Mondays


At least the waste management crew hauled away a lot of junk we were able to clear out from the garage. They were here early most likely anticipating the clean up some folks do prior to a hurricane. 


Hurricane Irma Meal Prep Mondays


Last night we received an automated call from our governor Rick Scott cancelling all schools and state offices for today. We didn’t tell the girls until the morning when they woke up at 9am and asked if they were late for school. Haha. That was fun. Now they’re working on their YouTube channel.

Love these kids. 


Hurricane Irma Meal Prep Mondays


I didn’t board up my home. A handful on my block did. I don’t know, I just don’t think we will have serious flying projectiles in Central Florida. I’m sure there are many cases where this happens but, I’m going to take the chance. I will tape up the windows to avoid them from shattering (IF that even happens)



We cleaned up the remainder of the home today. Tidying up before anything happens. Diana’s mom lives in Lakeland, FL and was asking how bad she might get effected. No one knows for sure. We have to wait and see. 


Hurricane Irma Food Prep


Costco surprisingly wasn’t as bad as we thought. A couple ladies did cut the line and there was about to be an all out brawl until they opened the doors and everyone started rushing in. Thankfully that was the only commotion and the rest of the shopping went well. Order people, order! Haha. 



Hurricane Irma Damage


No, Irma didn’t do that. I was just taking it apart and putting it in the garage. 


Naan Pizza


Made the kids Naan Pizza today since they were celebrating their day off. 


Hurricane Irma Meal Prep Mondays Alex Torres

Sophia my baby girl took this photo today. I didn’t even know haha. I think she’s picking up on her daddy. Tomorrow is Saturday. Maybe Irma changes its direction entirely. Imagine that?!? Tomorrow I will have more for you. I think the fun starts after 5pm. Let’s see.

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