Brazilian Style Skirt Steak Meal Prep (Keto compliant)

If you’ve ever eaten at a Brazilian steakhouse, you’ll agree that while the food is certainly delicious even thought it’s not necessarily healthy or budget-friendly. A delicious, juicy steak seasoned the Brazilian way is still one of our favorite meals though, so that’s why we’re excited to present you with this Brazilian-style skirt steak meal prep recipe!

What we refer to as the “Brazilian” style of cooking steak is actually what is known traditionally as churrasco, a Portuguese word that translates roughly to “barbecue”!  Churrasco’s roots run deep into the rich historical tradition of the gaúchos—The wayward horsemen of southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The gaúchos are so iconic, in fact, that even centuries later they are national symbols in all three of those countries!

Keto Brazilian Style Skirt Steak Meal Prep is an easy meal prep recipe for whole30, Paleo and Keto compliant mal plans. This recipe is done on the grill making clean up a breeze! 

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Skirt Steak and Arugula Salad


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