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FlexPro Meals Review – Meal Prep Kit Review

If you have been here for a while, you know that I’m a huge advocate for meal prepping at home. My goal is to share easy meal prep recipes so you can build a healthy habit that lasts a lifetime.


Why I order meals online, compared to meal prepping at home:

  • When I’m traveling and trying to get rid of the food in my house
  • When I know that my schedule is going to be busy and won’t have time to prep
  • When I shift my diet goals and want a jump start with getting my macros in-line
  • AND…of course… when I don’t feel like prepping. Sometimes, you just need to take a break

FlexPro Order process:

  • Super easy order process. TRY IT HERE
  • Main Goals (Fat Trimmer or Lean Muscle) for ordering give you the best meal choices based on your goal
  • NOTE: You have to get the subscription when you order… BUT, the great thing is that cancelling (if you want to) is easy and their customer service is amazing.

My Favorite FlexPro Meals:

  • Skinny Fajita Steak
  • Ragu Ravioli
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Breakfast Bowl
  • Assorted Power Treats

FlexPro Meal Quality:

I gave delivery 8/10 because I had a couple containers that arrived broken. BUT… I called FlexPro customer service and they were amazing at getting the replacements setup for me. Not a loss at all, because I got the replacement snacks before I was planning to eat them. Five-stars on customer service!

Meal Prep Delivery – How the meals arrived at my house:

The meals arrived in a brown box with insulation and ice. There is a lot of ice, so the box is heavy. Also, it’s not dry ice, so the meals aren’t always frozen when they arrive. I try to open it and get the meals into the freezer as soon as possible.

Sometimes the ice smashes the container, so I have had to get meals replaced from FlexPro

Also, the labels on the meals are on a paper label, which means the moisture from the ice smears the ink on the label, making in hard to get information off of the meal prep label.

MealPrepMondays’ FlexPro Meal Coupon / Promo Code:

For me, I’m a problem solver, so I like to have options. If you’re a problem solver as well, I’d suggest having FlexPro in your bag of solutions. No one is going to be 100% all the time, so this is a great tool to pick up when there is a little bit of slack.

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Meal Prep Mondays

Meal Prep Monday is the day that meal preppers around the globe are sharing and inspiring others to lead a healthier lifestyle. Meal Prep Monday is more than beautiful photos of pre-portioned meals, it’s a day that embodies the mindset and community around saving time and money, eating with a purpose, and hacking life.

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