Meal Prep Recipes

Stop worrying about what to eat and start planning ahead with our easy-to-make meal prep recipes. Save time. Save money. Save mental energy!

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Calculate Your Macros

If you are going to get where you want to get, you need to know where you're starting. Calculate your Macros NOW! (Takes you to

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Everyone needs to be motivated to take action. We share helpful tips and tricks that have helped us stay consistent with meal perpping over the years.

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Feedback from our Community

How meal prepping is changing lives:

Dilara C.

I’ve been meal-prepping before it was a “thing” and as I’ve evolved from a single woman to a married mom of two, the importance of meal prepping has evolved for me. Initially it was a way to control my intake and manage my weight. Now it’s more of a time-saver and way to save money while ensuring healthy options for my family.

Victoria T

Meal prepping helps me ensure that I reach my daily protein goals and refuel adequately after workouts - I also end up wasting way less food ☺️ and it allows me to workout during lunch breaks which makes me feel more productive

Yee L

I was able to fill my time with something productive, spent less on eating out. Lost 10kgs in 4 months (meal prep and 3 hours a week at the gym). Most importantly, I was less depressed because I was doing something I love, making food.

Ari P

I love meal prepping. I like knowing exactly what ingredients are in my food because intentionally put them there. It makes me conscious about fresh ingredients and portions control. 🙌🏻

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